We are OPEN on Mon 14th Feb 2022 from 12 noon for La Festa di San Valentino! Book now on 01424 435955.

Where we capture the tastes and aromas of the traditional and modern Italian dishes that our chefs create fresh for you each day. Our current opening hours are: CLOSED MONDAYS - Tuesday to Sunday: 12pm to 10pm - Dine In, 12pm to 9pm - Collections, 4pm to 9pm - Deliveries. Order direct by calling 01424 435955.

About Us

Our family friendly restaurant have been opening its doors in Hastings since 1978. Today the restaurant are as popular as ever, and the tradition continues as the Venditto family still run the show.

If you wish to book a table with us, please CALL US on 01424 435955 after 11am and one of our team will gladly assist you.

A new generation of chefs continue to use local and seasonal produce, whenever possible, to craft our dishes and add a modern twist to the Italian classics. The teams that support the chefs are highly trained and enthusiastic about everything Italian. The only thing more important than that is to ensure you have an enjoyable time while with us.

Please tell us what you think, and join us on social media, so that we can keep you up to date with special offers and events at the restaurant.
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